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Vorträge auf Einladung

Juni 2019
1. My actual comcept in primary rhinoplasty (keynote)
2. Extracorporeal Septoplasty
3. My top 10 tricks for the deviated noses
4. Session: Skin issues in rhinoplasty - thin skin (chair)
5. Session: Stars wars challenge (discussant)
Rhinoplasty Istanbul Workshop

The septum
The dorsum
Secondary rhinoplasty
14th International Fresh Cadaver Dissection Course "Rhinoplasty"

Mai 2019
Successful septoplasty as a prerequisite for a successful rhinoplasty
Challenges in secondary rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty from 3 world leading surgeons
St. Petersburg/Russia

Langzeiterfahrung mit der extrakorporalen Septumkorrektur
Sattelnasenkorrektur im Wandel der Zeit
Pollybeak-Deformität – Ursache und Therapie
1. Deutscher Rhinoplastik-Kongress

April 2019
The most frequent revision surgery
Lessons learned in 40 years of rhinoplasty
ICOPLAST Symposium back to back with the RBSPS President's Meeting
Waterloo / Belgien

The highlights of a case - deviated nose
New Ideas - Section I (Chair)

Annual Meeting of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe

März 2019
My current techniques in Rhinoplasty with O&A
First Bergamo-Istanbul Rhinoplasty Live Surgery Course 2019

Februar 2019
Straightening the crooked nose
Extracorporeal septum reconstruction

European Rhinoplasty Course 2019

Session Augmentation (Chair)
Extracorporeal and partial extracorporeal septoplasty
Sutures in Caucasian noses
Live Surgery Session (Chairperson)

5th International Rhinoplasty Workshop

Januar 2019
My actual concept in primary case of RSO
Rib grafts in primary and seconeary RSO
Challenging secondary cases

12th Nasal Alpine Course
Crans Montana/Schweiz

Dezember 2018
Primary aesthetic rhinoplasty, primary rhinoseptoplasty - Incisional technique (Moderator)
Failed rhinoplasty. What to do? (Masterclass)
Cleft nose surgery (Masterclass)

VII National Congress Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology

November 2018
Mein aktuelles Konzept bei der primären Rhinoplastik (Masterclass)
Verwendung von Rippenknorpel bei der primären und sekundären Rhinoplastik
Komplexe Rekonstruktion nach nicht gelungener Rhinoplastik
What I really changed in the last years in rhinoplasty (Panel)
Pre- und postop care (Panel)
Step-by-step Video (Moderator)
Nasenrücken/Nasal dorsum (Chair)
Innovations (Chair)

Symposium Form Funktion Ästhetik

Oktober 2018
Extracorporeal septoplasty: 30 years experience
Adolescent Unilateral cleft rhinoplasty
Total tip reconstruction
Diced cartilage paste
Total tip reconstruction

IMRHIS Meeting

Successful septoplasty - a prerequisite for successful rhinoplasty
24th Congress of ISAPS

September 2018
Mein aktuelles Konzept der primären Rhinoplastik
27. Jahrestagung der Vereinigung Mitteldeutscher HNO-Ärzte

Use of rib grafts in primary and secondary rhinoplasty
The total extracorporeal septal reconstruction - a review of 35 years experience

IPSOW - International Plastic Surgery Odessa Workshop

Successful septoplasty - a prerequisite for a successful rhinoplasty
My actual concept in primary rhinoplasty
Challenges in secondary rhinoplasty
The importance of morphing. Is it really only a marketing tool? (Round table)
Use of rib cartilage in rhinoplasty
Our concept in cleft nose correction

2nd Edition: The Big Challenge - The war of the noses, closed versus open Rhinoplasty

August 2018
Suture techniques for tip correction
Failure in septal surgery
Our concept in dorsal reduction
Our concept in dorsal augmentation
35 years experience in extracorporeal septal reconstruction
Challenging revision cases

Rhinoplasty 2018 - Advances in Rhinoplasty

Juli 2018
1. My actual concept in rhinoplasty
2. Use of rib grafts in primary and secondary rhinoplasty
3. Our concept in cleft nose surgery

12th International Congress of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology

Juni 2018
Successful septoplasty as a prerequisite of a successful rhinoplasty
MASC - Medical Aesthetic Synergy Congress

My actual concept in primary rhinoplasty. Challenging secondary rhinoplasty (video)
7th Baltic Otolaryngology Congress

Mai 2018
Aesthetic save of the bad result after rhinoplasties
1st International Summer Symposium on state of the art and upcoming innovations

April 2018
Primäre Rhinoplastik - immer mit Knorpeltransplantat?
XVIII. Frühjahrstagung der VDÄPC 2018

März 2018:
Secondary Rhinoplasty
2. Erasian Plastic Surgery Congress

Maximally invasive rhinoplasty leading to perfect outcomes
Lessons I learned over the past decades

European Rhinoplasty Course 2018

Two cases in their essentials: highlighting the steps that matter (video)
Innovations that (possibly) matter (question-time panel)

Annual Meeting Rhinoplasty Society of Europe

Use of rib cartilage in rhinoplasty – when and how
Dorsum hot topics videopanel (chair)
Dorsum Controversies boxing-ring panel
Criss-Cross suture for bone stabilization/reconstruction of the keystone area (video)
Extracorporeal septoplasty: 30 years of experience and current refinements
Crooked nose videocase panel
End-to-end fixation of septal extension graft (video)
Bulbous tip (video)
Special topic: our concept in cleft nose deformity
Rib grafts for aesthetic dorsal lines (video)
Bending technique for reconstruction of the lower lateral cartilages and what to do when bending fails (video)
Secondary rhinoplasty controversies boxing ring panel: Is using RIB essential or unnecessary
Free diced cartilage (video)

Sixth Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty course

Januar 2018:
1. My actual concept in primary rhinoplasty
2. The evolution of extracorporeal septal reconstruction, a review of 38 years experience
3. Dr. V.P. Sood Rhinology Session (moderator)

70th Annual conference of the association of otolaryngologists of India

Difficult septum - 35 year experience of extra corporeal septal reconstruction
Evolution of my rhinoplasty technique alternatively

Advances in basic head-neck surgery and middle ear surgery surgical workshop
Colombo/Sr. Lanka

Dezember 2017:
Challenging revision rhinoplasty
Deviated nose management

The Rhinoplasty Society of Europe: Rhinoplasty Live Surgery Course

September 2017:
1. My basic principles and keys in achieving results (Panel)
2. Managing the deviated nose
3. Correction of secondary aesthetic problems in rhonoplasty
4. My worst complication - and what I did about it (Panel)
5. My top five technical tips in my favourite operations

BAAPS 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting

35 years of experience in extracorporeal septal reconstruction
XVI AIOLP National Congress

1. Concepts in primary rhinoplasty
2. Challenging revision rhinoplasty
3. Pollybeak deformity - how to avoid and how to correct
4. 35 years of experience in extracorporeal septal reconstruction

28th International Course in Advanced Rhinoplasty Techniques

1. Basics of primary rhinoplasty (Panelist)
2. Extracorporeal dorsal and septal alignment
3. Prevention of pollybeak deformity
4. Evolution of my rhinoplasty techniques - over 40 years
5. Dorsal alignment on secondary rhinoplasty patients with rib graft
6. Secondary septoplasty
7. Cleft lip rhinoplasty

The Global Masters Aesthetic Symposium - Plastic Congress

September 2017:
1. Management of septal deviation
2. Our principles in modern rhinoplasty
3. Saddle nose reconstruction
4. Challenging secondary rhinoplasty

Arctic Rhinology 2017

1. The difficult septum
2. Tip: Refinements in revision surgery
3. Pearls of revision rhinoplasty

EAFPS Annual Conference 2017

Rhinoplastik: Step by step instruction
15. Rhinoworkshop 2017

August 2017:
1. Our concept in primary rhinoplasty
2. Management of septal deviations
3. Tip positioning sutures (Video)
4. How we use rib grafts in rhinoplasty
5. Our algorithm in saddle nose correction
6. Challenging secondary rhinoplasty
7. What did I change in the last five years and why
8. Extracorporeal Septorhinoplasty - step by step technique to obtain consistent results

6th International Course Facial Plastic Surgery

Juli 2017:
1. Rhinoplasty Case Study
2. Our concept in primary rhinoplasty (Video)
3. Management of septal deformity
4. Challenging sever secondary rhinoplasty (Video)
5. Extracorporeal septal reconstruction (Video)
6. Saddle nose correction (Video)

4th Shiraz Rhinology International Course

Juni 2017:
1. Extracorporeal septoplasty
2. Primary Rhinoplasty: Management of the dorsum
3. Secondary tip deformities
AMRSE Meeting

Mai 2017:

1. Open rhinoplasty: Management of the dorsum
2. Osteotomies: indications and techniques
3. Harvesting of septum and extracorporeal septoplasty
Dorsal augmentation
BAPRAS A Masterclass in Rhinoplasty

April 2017:

1. Preparing for the extracorporeal septal reconstruction
2. Advanced Rhinoplasty Techniques (Chair)
3. The real-life challenges of the composite graft

European Rhinoplasty Course – Excellence in Rhinoplasty

März 2017:
Problems of the tip and dorsum in secondary rhinoplasty (Panel)
6th SOS Symposium

Challenging Revision Rhinoplasty and Management of the deviated nose
Istanbul Hands-on-Cadaver Course for Rhinoplasty

Feb 2017:
Challenging secondary rhinoplasty
Managing of the deviated septum
6th International Rhinoplasty Course

1. Failures in septal correction
2. What did I change during the last 5 years?
3. 35 year experience in extracorporeal septal reconstruction
4. Challenging secondary rhinoplasty

Nose 2017

1. Individual techniques for profile alignment and osteotomies (Video)
2. Extracorporeal septoplasty: nuances in technique (Video)
3. How I would manage this tip (Case by Case analysis)
4. Deviated nose and saddle nose deformity (Video)
5. Difficult secondary rhinoplasty (Video)
6. Complex cases: Pushing the envelope

The Cutting Edge 2016
New York

Nov 2016:
1. Der Einsatz von Rippenknorpel in der modernen Rhinoplastik (Video)
2. Unser Konzept der Spaltnasenkorrektur (Vortrag)
3. Medical Rhinoplasty und Komplikationsmanagement (Vorsitz, Moderation)

Form.Funktion.Ästhetik.Berlin 2016

Sept 2016:
1. What Did I change in the last five years
2. Which severe complication did I have during the last five years and how I managed it
3. My most challenging case during the last five years
5th Annual Meeting of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe

1. Modern rhinoplasty (Keynote lecture)
2. Pimary rhinoplasty: Selecting the approach and concepts (Chair)
3. Functional rhinoplasty: Extracorporeal Septoplasty
4. Special issues in primary rhinoplasty: Thick skin in primary rhinoplasty
5. Secondary Rhinoplasty: Generalities and techniques: Camouflage Materials: Diced Cartilage
6. Secondary Rhinoplasty: The tip: Polly Beak Deformity Scondary
7. Rhinoplasty: The future - the next step take home messages
International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies (IMRHIS)

Rhinoplastik - Step-by-Step-Instruction
14. Rhinoworkshop 2016

Aug 2016:
1. The septum - The key to successful rhinoplasty
2. Challenging revision rhinoplasty
6th ENT-Conclave 2016 and Clinical Meeting of the Association of ENT Surgeons of India Mumbai Branch

May 2016:
Extracorporeal septoplasty
How I currently use rib in secondary rhinoplasty
Face Eyes Nose 2016

April 2016:
The septum, the most neglected part in nose surgery
Suture techniques in tip surgery
Rhinoplasty case studies (panelist)
Extracorporeal septal reconstruction with more than 30 years of experience

3rd Shiraz Rhinology International Course

März 2016:
Extracorporeal septal reconstruction
European Rhinoplasty Course, Excellence in Rhinoplasty

Augmenting the premaxilla
Tip - Clinical variations (Moderator)
35 years of experience in extracorporeal septoplasty
Managing the long nose - and algorithmic approach
Deviated nose (video)
How to achieve a naturally smooth dorsum
Augmenting the primary dorsum (Interviewer)
Masterclass: Septal surgery - the key to a successful rhinoplasty
Severe secondary saddle nose with retraced columella and rib reconstruction (video)
Challenging revision rhinoplasty with emphasis on using rib

5th Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course


Februar 2016:
35 years experience in extracorporeal rhinoseptoplasty
Challenging secondary rhinoplasty
The Ninth Alpine Nasal Course
Crans Montana

Januar 2016:
35 years experience in extracorporeal rhinoseptoplasty
Challenging secondary rhinoplasty
The Ninth Alpine Nasal Course
Crans Montana

November 2015:
The dorsum in secondary rhinoplasty
Problems of the dorsum in secondary rhinoplasty (Panel)
5th International Symposium for Plastic Surgeons
Secondary Optimizing Aesthetic Surgery

Challenging nose revision
BAPRAS Winter Meeting

Oktober 2015:
35 years of experience in extracorporeal septoplasty
Suture techniques in tip surgery
Challenging secondary rhinoplasty
Saddle nose correction
AAFPS Rhinoplasty Course @ Cadaver Workshop 2015

September 2015:
Step-by-Step Instruction
Rhinoworkshop 2015

Rhinoplasty Course
Question and answers
8th International Practice Course Rhinoplasty

The evolution of extracorporeal septoplasty
Challenging revision rhinoplasty
1st International Radetzky Villa Symposium

Juni 2015:
1. Septoplasty in aesthetic procedures
2. Supratip etiology and treatment
Beauty Through Science Congress Stockholm

Mai 2015:
Challenging Revision Rhinoplasty (President's Guest Lecturer)
The Rhinoplasty Society Annual Meeting 2015

April 2015:
1. My strategy to correct the dorsum
2. Septoplasty: Basic and advanced technique
3. Suture techniques in tip surgery

4. Challenging cases (Panelist)
5. Failures in septoplasty
2nd Shiraz Rhinology International Course

Januar 2015:
1. My way to correct difficult septal deviations
2. How I handle the dorsum
3. My experience in augmentation with DCF

Nose 2015

1. Clinical analysis panel
2. Increasing tip projection
3. Why and when I use tip grafts
4. Nasal tip surgery panel
5. Achieving a natural looking dorsum with the extracorporeal rhinoplasty - 30 year experience
6. What about this result panel
7. How I correct the log nose - an algorithmic approach
8. The one case that changed my practice the most in the last 5 years panel
9. The latest and greatest updated rhinoplasty refinements - pure technique videos
10. Secondary rhinoplasty (video)
11. Secondary/ethnic/cleft rhinoplasty Panel Q & A

32nd Annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium

Dezember 2014:
More than 30 years experience in extracorporeal septal reconsgtruction

46th Maharashtra State Annual ENT Conference 2014

November 2014:
1. Wann und Wie: Meine persönlichen Strategien bei der Osteotomie in der Rhinoplastik
2. Extrakorporale Septumplastik (Video)
3. Wann und wie – meine persönlichen Strategien bei der Korrektur der Nasenspitze
4. Sekundäre Rhinoplastik

Form, Funktion, Ästhetik. Berlin

1. 30 years experience in extracorporeal septal reconstruction
2. Our principles in primary rhinoplasty
3. Our algorithm in saddle nose correction
4. Failures in septal surgery
5. Secondary tip plasty: the overresected lower lateral cartilage

8th Comprehensive International Rhinoplasty Course
Rhyiad/Saudi Arabien

Oktober 2014:
1. My concept in Rhinoplasty
2. Septal Surgery
3. Secondary Rhinoplasty

Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty, Otoplasty and Facial contouring 2014
St. Petersburg/Russia

1. Failures in septal surgery
2. Secondary tip surgery

24th Esser Course Erasmus MC Rotterdman

1. 30 years experience in extracorporeal septal reconstruction
2. Secondary tip surgery
3. Failures and pitfalls in septal surgery
4. Algorithm in reconstruction after LLC overcorrection

The big challenge: Closed versus open rhinoplasty

1. Primary rhinoplasty (Round table)
2. 38 year experience in rhinoplasty. a few guiding concepts
3. My main principles in modern rhinoplasty
4. Highlights to obtain good results in rhinoplasty


1. My concept in aesthetic rhinoplasty
2. How to reconstruct the overresected LLC
3. The importance of septal deformities for the aesthetic outcome

22nd World Congress ISAPS
Rio de Janeiro

September 2014:
Step by step instruction

Update Rhinoplastik (Vorsitz)
Unser Konzept zur Nasenrückenkorrektur (Vortrag)

45. Jahrestagung der DGPRÄC, 19. Jahrestagung der VDÄPC 2014

Juli 2014:
Teilnahme am 4. Symposium der Dalmatinisch-Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ästhetische und Plastische Chirurgie Gradac

Mai 2014:
Secondary Rhinoplasty

International Erlangen Course: Facial Plastic Surgery


Extracorporeal septal reconstruction - 34 years review (Panel)
Problems in secondary tip surgery (Instructor
11th International Symposium of Facial Plastic Surgery
New York

März 2014:

1. Our recent concepts in correcting the dorsum (Video)
2. When and how: Which works best for you in positioning the tip: Strut, Tongue-in-Groove, Septal exetension graft (Panel)
3. Extracorporeal septoplasty

4. How I currently use rib in secondary rhino

5. Augmenting the primary dorsum

Fourth Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course

1. My strategy in dorsal correction
2. 30 years experience in extracorporeal septal reconstruction
3. 30 years experience in extracorporeal septal reconstruction

4. Our algorithm in saddle nose correction

ISAPS Instructional Course

März 2014: Bergamo/Italien, Fourth Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course


Januar 2014:
Konzepte und Techniken in der sekundären Rhinoseptumplastik
Vortragsabend: Möglichkeiten der modernen Nasenchirurgie

Secondary rhinoplasty of the nose tip
My approach to rhinoplasty (Video)
Russian-German Scientific Practical Conference


November 2013:
Primary and secondary rhinoplasty
22nd European Course in Plastic Surgery


Extracorporeal rhinoplasty
Symposium Extracorporeal Rhinoseptoplasty

Belo Horizonte/Brasilien

1. Extracorporeal septoplasty
2. Overresection of the lateral cartilages
3. Forehead flap
4. Cleft lip rhinoplasty
5. Our algorithm in saddle nose correction

43rd Brazilian Congress of ORL and Neck-Facial Surgery
Sao Paulo/Brasilien


Oktober 2013:
1. Extracorporeal septal reconstruction: 32 years of experience
2. Tip plasty (panel discussion)
3. Tip surgery
4. My Approach to Rhinoplasty (video presentation)
5. Secondary failures in septal surgery
6. Thick skin rhinoplasty (panel discussion)

The 4th International Congress of Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery

1. Personal technique (video presentation)
2. How should I do it (round table)
3. Principles in tip correction
4. Failures in septal surgery

ISAPS Rhinoplasty Course
Sinaia, Rumänien

September 2013:
1. Nasal Augmentation with diced cartilage grafts
2. Extracorporeal septoplasty
3. Failurs in septoplast
4. Secondary tip correction

2nd International Rhinoplasty Workshop Pune/Indien

1. Step-by-step rhinoplasty (Video presentation)
2. Rhinoplasty - our approach (lecture)


1. Die Rolle des Septums in der Nasenchirurgie
2. Primäre und sekundäre Rhinoplastik - Probleme, Strategien, Lösungen (Symposiumsvorsitz)

44. Jahrestagung der DGPRÄC
18. Jahrestagung der VDÄPC

Juni 2013:
Teilnahme am 4. Symposium der Dalmatinisch-Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ästhetische und Plastische Chirurgie Gradac

1. My Strategy in dorsal correction
2. Failures in Tip correction
3. Secondary Rhinoplasty (Case Discussion)
4. Extracorporeal septal reconstruction
5. What did I change in the last years (moderation)
6. Faiures in septal surgery
7. Case Analysis

Istanbul Advanced Rhinoplasty Course 5th International Eurasian Aesthetic Surgery Course 2nd Annual Meeting of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe Istanbul

Mai 2013:
1. Failures in septal surgery
2. Problems in secondary tip surgery

Royal Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery Spring Meeting 2013

Fehler und Gefahren: Die ästhetische Rhinoplastik sowie Brauen-, Lid- und Ohrmuschelkorrektur
84. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen HNO-Gesellschaft

1. Open versus Closed Rhinoplasty
2. Rhinoplasty - State of the art
3. Extracorporeal Rhinoplasty - 30 years experience

Facial Aesthetic/Oculoplastic Surgery and Rhinoplasty Course

1. Rhinoplasty - State of the art
2. Extracorporeal septal reconstruction - more than 30 years of experience
3. Tip revision - an increasing challenge
4. Our algorithm in tip surgery

9th Turkish Rhinology Congress

April 2013:

1. External Rhinoplasty
2. Secondary Rhinoplasty

12th International Erlangen Course in Facial Plastic Surgery


Februar 2013:
Open versus closed rhinoplasty - Which approach for which control?
A personal statement (Debate)
IMCAS International Master Course on Aging Skin

Secondary Aesthetic Surgery (panel discussion)
SOS Symposium - Secondary Optimizing Aesthetic Surgery

Januar 2013:
1. The Gold Standard in Aesthetic Rhinoplasty
2. The Gold Standard in Rhinoplasty: Tip Surgery
3. Problem in Secondary Rhinoplasty

3rd Emirates Rhinology Conference

Septoplasty (video presentation)
Turn under LC flap (video presentation)

1st Rhinoplasty Videosymposium of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe

Dezember 2012:

Failures of nasal septal surgery
Farewell Symposium Prof. Andrej Banic

Plastische Chirurgie und HNO
HNO und Nachbarfächer – Interdisziplinäre Kooperation

Symposium anlässlich des 60. Geburtstages von Prof. Bootz

November 2012:
Primary and Secondary Rhinoplasty

21st European Course in Plastic Surgery

1. Osteotomies and Tutoplast over the dorsum (video presentation)
2. The evolving post-op rhinoplasty: A year is not enough.
Long-term follow up of suture contouring and cartilage grafts

3. Correcting the columella: hanging, retracted, scared
4. Extracorporeal septoplasty and long-term outcomes
5. Post-traumatic nasal deformity: Tricks I use to create a straight nose and prevent long-term recorrences (Panel discussion)
The Cutting Edge Aesthetic Surgery Symposium 2012
New York

Was hat sich in den letzten 30 Jahren in der Nasenchirurgie verändert?
Neue Trends und Techniken

Symposium anlässlich des 80. Geburtstages von Herrn Prof. Neven Olivari sowie
30 Jahre Plastische Chirurgie am Dreifaltigkeitskrankenhaus Wesseling

Oktober 2012:
Rhinoplasty - State of the Art (Vortrag und Videopräsentation)
International Training Seminar on Rhinoplasty

September 2012:

Extracorporeal Septal Reconstruction (Videopräsentation)
ISAPS 2012 Geneva, 21st Congress

Komplikationen in der ästhetischen Nasenchirurgie
Offener Zugang (Round Table)
Update Nasenrekonstruktion (Symposiumvorsitz)

43. Jahrestagung der DGPRÄC, 17. Jahrestagung der VDÄPC

Juni 2012:
1. My concept of aesthetic rhinoplasty
2. Tup surgery
3. Increasing and decreasing for tip projection
4. Functional and aesthetic complications of rhinoplasty and main errors in rhinoplasty - how to solve them
5. Correction of underprojected tip

International Course on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Minimally invasive Methods of Rejuvenation
St. Petersburg/Russia

1. The bulbous, amorphous or boxy-tip various techniques, how I do it
2. The extra corporeal septal reconstruktion and other rhinoplasty earls
3. Rhinoplasty – State of the Art

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2012
Las Vegas

Mai 2012:

Ups and downs of the nasal dorsum (Round table)
Current principles in saddle nose correction
Our approach in rhinoplasty (Workshop)

83. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für HNO-Heilkunde
Kopf- und Halschirurgie e. V.
11. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Akademie für HNO-Heilkunde

April 2012:
Ästhetische Profilplastik der Nase
129. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Chirurgie

März 2012:

1. Primary open rhinoplasty technique (Videopräsentation)
2. Increasing and decreasing projection
3. Extracorporeal septoplasty (Videopräsentation)
4. The main errors in rhinoplasty and how to solve them

Third Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course 2012

Secondary rhinoplasty
11th International Erlangen Course in Facial Plastic Surgery

1. Secondary aesthetic surgery of the nose (Panelmoderation)
2. Failures in septal correction

International Symposium for Plastic Surgeons
Secondary Optimizing Aesthetic Surgery
Salvage Procedures after Pitfalls in Aesthetic Surgery

Januar 2012:

1. Rhinoplasty - State of the art
2. Secondary rhino overresected LLC
3. Our concept in saddle nose correction

4. 30 years extracorporeal septal reconstruction
The Fifth Alpine Nasal Course
Crans Montana/Schweiz

The overshortened nose
Rhinoplasty update (pannel discussion)

IMCAS 2012

Dezember 2011:
1. Rhinoplasty - State of the art
2. Problems in Secondary Rhinoplasty
Mumbai Rhinoplasty Conference 2011

September 2011:

1. State of the Art
2. Fehler in der Korrektur der Nasenspitze
3. Brauenlift - State of the art
4. Das Vermeiden von Komplikationen/Rezidiven zur Verbesserung der Qualität (Panel)

42. Jahrestagung der DGPRÄC, 16. Jahrestagung der VDÄPC Innsbruck

1. Bulky tip - How to correct it and how to overcome the complications
2. Our concept in primary rhinoplasty
3. Saddle nose correction - Our concept today
2nd International Meeting on Aesthetic and Reconstructive Facial Surgery

1. 30 years experience in extracorporeal septal reconstruction
2. How to obtain stable results in cosmetic rhinoplasty - A year ist not enough
3. Principles of modern functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty
4. Problems in revision rhinoplasty
46th Annual Fall Meeting
San Francisco

Juli 2011:
1. The overresected lower lateral cartilages -
a wrong concept in bulbous tip correction
2. Aesthetic rhinoplasty - state of the art
3. The use of Tutoplast fascia in rhinoplasty
4. Secondary rhinoplasty, an increasing challenge
5. Our concept in saddle nose correction
6. Managing the septum: avoiding obstruction -
role of septal grafts in primary rhinoplasty
7. Difficult primary rhinoplasties and why?
8. More secondary problems and touch ups
9. Rhinoplasty Disasters: Repair principles
10. Our concept in saddle nose correction

Juni 2011:
Prinzipien der rekonstruktiven Chirurgie von Spaltnasen
Rhinoplastik (Vorsitz)
82. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für HNO-Heilkunde,
Kopf- und Halschirurgie, Bonn

Trends in der Plastischen Gesichtschirurgie
3rd Medicon Worldmeeting 2011

Secondary rhinoplasty problems
The pig nose
Extracorporeal correction of the deviated septum

The Istanbul International Rhinoplasty Course &
3rd International Eurasian Aesthetic Surgery Course

What modern facial plastic surgery can offer to our patients
Our concept in saddle nose correction
4th International Congress for Implants & Facial Aesthetics

Mai 2011:

Secondary Rhinoplasty
10th International Erlangen course in facial plastic surgery

Bulbous tip - our concept and how to overcome the failures
Symposium de Printemps Chirurgie Plastique

April 2011:
Die chirurgische Differenzierung der Brauenptosis
XI. Frühjahrsakademie der VDÄPC, Potsdam

The bulky tip: How to correct and to overcome failures
The difficult septum
Our algorithm of saddle nose correction
Nasal analysis and surgical planning (Falldemonstration)
Septorhinoplasty (Videodemonstration)

12th Septorhinoplasty Course

Februar 2011:
Bulky tip - How to correct this deformity and how to overcome the mistakes
Rhinoplasty - State of the art

5th Oman Rhinoplasty & Facial Plasty Surgery Course

Januar 2011:
My concept in rhinoplasty
Bulbous Tip
Problems in secondary rhinoplasty
Difficult Septum

Sixth International Tutorials

November 2010:
Primary Rhinoplasty
Secondary Rhinoplasty
19th European Course in Plastic Surgery

November 2010:

Was gibt es neues in der Rhinochirurgie?
2. Basler Symposium für Rhinochirurgie

Oktober 2010:

State of the Art der Rhinoplastik
23. Jahrestagung der GÄCD 2010

Reducing the Tip Revision
Plastic Surgery 2010

Revision Rhinoplasty
8th Course Nose and Surroundings

Extracorporeal Septal Reconstruction
The big nose - my approach
The Overresected tip

2010 Facial Cosmetic Surgery Symposium
Las Vegas

Juni 2010:
Die plumpe Nasenspitze - eine Herausforderung in der primären und sekundären Nasenchirurgie
10. Frühjahrsakademie der VDÄPC und DGÄPC, 3. Kongress der EASAPS / Aachen

Mai 2010:
I. 60 Jahre Plastische Chirurgie am Marienhospital
II.How would you handle the case - Cry for hep
III. Fehler bei der Rhinoplastik

2. Symposium der Dalmatinisch-Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ästhetische und Plastische Chirurgie / Gradac/Kroatien

April 2010:
1. Overresection of the lower lateral cartilagenous, wrong concept for correction of bulbus tip
2. Known and new ideas in saddle nose correction

Facial Aesthetic Conference of Egypt - Face II

März 2010:
1. Transition from closed open rhinoplasty - why I changed

2. Increasing and decreasing the length of the nose
3. Managing the nasal valves
4. Complicatiions - How to solve them?
5. Tutoplast fascia lata for the dorsum
6. The aging nose
7. Extracorporeal septoplasty (Videopräsentation)
2nd Bergamo Rhinoplasty Course: Aesthetics, function and managing complications

März 2010:
Rhinoplasty - State of the Art

Acredis-Fortbildungskurs: Profilkorrekturen Nase, Kinn & Gesicht

Februar 2010:
1. Rhinoplasty - State of the Art

2. Secondary Rhinoplasty - an increasing challenge
Surgical Workshop - Rhinoplasty & Facial Rejuvenation

Februar 2010:
1. Known and new techniques in saddle nose reconstruction

2. Overresection of the lower lateral cartilages - a wrong concept to correct the bulky tip
3. The extracorporeal septal reconstruction
5th International Tutorial in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery


Dezember 2009: Brow- and Temporal Lift with Direct Skin Excision
International Symposium for Plastic Surgeons: Oculoplastic Surgery Munich

November 2009: Difficult Septum
Secondary Rhinoplasty
13th International Rhinoplasty Workshop and 2nd World Congress of ASACS

Oktober 2009: State of the Art in Aesthetic Rhinoplasty
How to correct a bulbous Tip - Mistake and solution
International Congress of Plastic Surgery

Oktober 2009:
Rhinoplasty - State of the Art
Problems in Secondary Rhinoplasty
APRSSA Congress

September 2009:
Panelteilnahme am 13. Philosophicum „Vom Zauber des Schönen – Reiz, Begehren und Zerstörung“

September 2009: Ästhetische Aspekte der Rhinoplastik
40. Jahrestagung der DGPRÄC 2009

Juni 2009:
Die Überresektion der Nasenflügelknorpel - Ein falsches Konzept zur Nasenspitzenkorrektur
Gründungskongress der Dalmatisch-Deutschen Gesellschaft für Plastische Chirurgie
Gradac, Kroatien

Juni 2009: The Overprojected Tip
Reconstruction in Secondary Rhinoplasty
13th Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Congress & ISAPS Course

Juni 2009: Role of Tutoplast Fascia Lata in Rhinoplasty
1st Meeting of the European Academy of ORL HNS

Mai 2009: The Reconstruction of the Lower Nasal Framework
ASAPS Annual Meeting
Las Vegas

März 2009: Secondaary Rhinoplasty
9th International Course "Aesthetic and Reconstructive Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty"

Januar 2009: Tip Plasty, Modern Rhinoplasty 2009
2. Operationskurs Rhinoplastik - Nasennebenhöhlen

Januar 2009: From Dream To Desaster - The Challenge Of Secondary Rhinoplasty
Recent advances in ENT surgical devices, Workshop


November 2008: First Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course

November 2008: Recent Advances in Rhinoplasty, Problems in Secondary Rhinoplasty
2nd International Masterclass Funct. Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

November 2008: Extracorporeal Septal Reconstruction
1. Basler Symposium für Rhinochirurgie

Oktober 2008: Extrakorporale OP-Technik
I. Rhinoplasty Course

Oktober 2008: The Overprojected Tip
I. Congress of the European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Mai 2008: Die Dermatochalasis im oberen Gesichtsdrittel
Symposium: Der eine kann’s, der andere auch: Ästhetische Gesichtsbehandlungen

Mai 2008:
5. Functional Septorhinoplasty Course
Ain-Shams Universität, Kairo

Mai 2008:
Basic techniques and instruments
Dr. Nicolaes Tulp Foundation’s 2nd International Fresh Cadaver Facial Aesthetic Dissection Course on the Nose and Face
Rotterdam, Niederlande

Mai 2008: State of the Art Lecture: Rhinoplasty
79. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für HNO-Heilkunde, Bonn

April 2008: Browlift
Frühjahrsakademie der VDÄPC-Akademie, Köln

April 2008: Die neue Nase - Vom Traum zum Albtraum
International Course Aesthetic and Reconstructive Rhinoplasty and
Othoplasty, Blepharoplasty and Facelift, Erlangen

Februar 2008: Die neue Nase - Vom Traum zum Albtraum
Jahrestagung der Vereinigung Westdeutscher HNO-Ärzte in Solingen

Januar 2008:
The difficult septum, Complications and risks
Karlsruhe, 1. Karlsruher OP-Course Modern Rhinoplasty 2008

Januar 2008: Aesthetic Rhinoplasty and Secondary Rhinoplasty, Advanced Course for Functional and Aesthetic Rhinosurgery
Fondazione G. Sanvenero Rosselli, Mailand


Oktober 2007: Secondary Rhinoplasty und Principles of tip correction
Mumbai, Indien, National Update in Otorhinolaryngology

September 2007: Secondary tip Rhinoplasty und The big nose: a challenge
Gent, CATFASS II, Controversies Art Technology in Facial Aesthetic Surgery

September 2007: Ästhetische Gesichtschirurgie
Akademie für Ärztliche Fortbildung bei der Bezirksärztekammer Südwürttemberg

Juni 2007: Ästhetische Gesichtschirurgie
Akademie für Ärztliche Fortbildung bei der Bezirksärztekammer Südwürttemberg

Juni 2007: Keynote Lecture: Secondary Rhinoplasty
14. International Course of IPRAS

Juni 2007: Chirurgische Behandlung der Nasolabialfalten, Aktueller Stand der Faceliftchirurgie
16. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Dermatologischen Lasergesellschaft, Karlsruhe

Mai 2007: Reconstruction of large tissue defects, Episthesis versus Reconstruction
78. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für HNO-Heilkunde

März 2007: Flims-Laax: Nasal Reconstruction
11th International Wintermeeting "Pearls in Facial Plastic Surgery"
(Jubilee-Meeting Prof. C. Walter)

Januar 2007: Was muß der Plastische Rhinochirurg unbedingt wissen und können?
Wissenschaftliches Symposium zum 70. Geburtstag von Prof. Lemperle, Frankfurt


Oktober 2006: Management der Defektdeckung im Gesicht
Hautärztliche Fortbildung Universitätsklinik Tübingen

September 2006: Die schwierige Nasenspitze
37. Jahrestagung der DGPRÄC

September 2006: Differentialanalyse und Therapie bei der Profilkorrektur
37. Jahresversammlung DGPRÄC, VDÄPC

September 2006: Reconstruction der Nase
Südwestdeutscher HNO-Kongress

September 2006: Difficult Rhinoplasty
European Academie of Facial Plastic Surgery

September 2006: Ästhetische Gesichtschirurgie
Akademie für ärztliche Fortbildung bei der Bezirksärztekammer
Reutlingen, Südwürttemberg

September 2006: Ästhetische Nasenoperationen und Probleme in der Nasenchirurgie
Mannheim, 19. Jahrestagung GÄCD

Mai 2006: Die Nasenspitze in der sekundären Rhinoplastik
77. Jahresversammlung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde

Mai 2006: Managing the difficult septum, Secondary Rhinoplasty
Annual Scientific Congress (ASC)
Australien, Sydney

Mai 2006: Extracorporeal Septum Reconstruction, Secondary Tip Plasty
4th Asian Rhinoplasty Symposium, Seoul, Korea

April 2006: Keynote Lecture: 5th International Congress of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Yerevan, Armenien Secondary Rhinoplasty

April 2006: Unser Konzept der Defektdeckung im Gesicht und Management von Weichteildefekten im Gesicht
BG Unfallklinik, Tübingen

Januar 2006: Rekonstruktion bei Nasendefekten
APKO Airport Workshop 2006
Sheraton Hotel Frankfurt/Main-Flughafen

Januar 2006: Rhinoplasty
International Master Course on Aging Skin
Paris, IMCAS


November 2005: VDCP-Kurs Funktionell-ästhetische Nasenchirurgie

September 2005: Die primäre und sekundäre Nasenspitzenkorrektur
VDCP/VDÄPC-Kurs, München

September 2005: Zum Problem der Nasenspitzenrevision
18. Jahrestagung GÄCD

September 2005: Die sekundäre Nasenspitzenkorrektur
Österr.Hals-, Nasen-, Ohrenärzte- Kongress

Juli 2005: Defektverschluss im Gesicht
Symposium zum 10-jährigen Bestehen der Abteilung Stadthalle/Nürtingen

Juni 2005: VDCP-Kurs Defecktdeckungen im Gesicht

Juni 2005: SOFCEP-Congress

März 2005: Rhinoplasty Workshop »The fine Art of Rhinoplasty«
Cape Town/Südafrika ISAPS 2005 Regional Meeting


Mai 2004: Die schwierige Nase
Jahrestagung der HNO-Gesellschaft, Bad Reichenhall

Mai 2004: The extracorporal Septoplasty, our concept in cleft noses
EAFPS: International Facial Plastic Surgery


Oktober 2003:
Secondary Rhinopasty

Internationales European Academy Meeting

Oktober 2003: Open or Closed Approach in Tip-Revision
12. Panhellenic Congress on Otorhinolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery

September 2003: The Difficult Septum und Secondary Rhinoplasty
VDCP/VDÄPC Jahreskongress Freiburg

September 2003: Closed versus open rhinoplasty, 1. Principles of Primary Rhinoplasty, 2. Secondary Rhinoplasty
IXème Symposium de Chirurgie Esthètique, Genf

August 2003: The Difficult Problem – How We Handle The Problem
IPRAS 2003 Congress

Mai 2003: 1. The Big Nose 2. Supratip Excision
The Rhinoplasty Society's 8th Annual Meeting

Februar 2003: Our Concept in Nasal Reconstruction

Aesthetic Facial Reconstruction in Adults and Childrens Symposium, Phoenix/USA

Februar 2003: Facial Rejuvenation
Royal Free and University College, London


November 2002:
Die sekundäre Nasenchirurgie

Internationales Symposium der Plastischen Chirurgen anlässlich 70. Geburtstag Prof. Olivari

Oktober 2002:
1. Ästhetische Rhinoplastik – State of the art
2. Die sekundäre Rhinoplastik – eine zunehmende Herausforderung

40. Jahrestagung, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Plastische, Ästhetische und Rekonstruktive Chirurgie

Oktober 2002:
1. Aesthetic rhinoplasty
2. Management of dorsal deformities
3. Management of vault deformities
4. Management of nasal tip deformities

1st Hamburg International Symposium of Plastic and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

September 2002:
Offene versus geschlossene Rhinoplatik-Debatte

Jahrestagung VDPC/VDÄPC

Juni 2002:
Rhinoplasty state of the Art

EWAPS – European Workshop or Advanced Plastic Surgery

April 2002:
Problems in Secondary Rhinoplasty

SOFCP (French Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)
Val d’Isere

März 2002:
Das schwierige Septum

Wissenschaftliches Symposium anläßlich des 65. Geburtstags von Prof. Helms

Februar 2002:
Secondary Rhinoplasty

International Symposium Moskau

Februar 2002:
Techniques in Facial Plastic Surgery
My Philosophy – Techniques for Facial Plastic Surgery


November 2001:
1. The primary Rhinoplasty
2. The secondary Rhinoplasty
3. The Blepharoplasty

10th European Course in Plastic Surgery
European Board Examination in Plastic Surgery


September 2001: Die Ästhetische Nase
Jahrestagung der Vereinigung der Deutschen Ästethischen Plastischen Chirurgen

September 2001: Repair of the pinna
European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery

Juni 2001: Surgery for the aging face

2nd World Congress of ORL-Surgery
Endoscopy and Laser Surgery