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Dear colleagues
It is quite rare that a rhinoplasty course is guided by one single surgeon for a period of 25 years – but exactly this happened here in Stuttgart at the Marienhospital.

In the beginning, the course language was German, and the difficulties of seeing intraoperative details using a closed approach technique were overcome by endonasal video transmission. This was a new teaching tool and made the course well-known internationally. Later I changed the format, the course language became English and I modified the technique from closed to open approach – not for better demonstration, but because I got convinced by Gilbert Aiach that the open approach is much better in different aspects. Continuously we changed and improved our techniques and proved that by our regular demonstrations of last year’s cases.

In contrast to other courses we do not invite a large guest faculty, because different approaches may confuse the participants. We believe that our own surgical philosophy shown by two different surgeons will provide the most benefit for all attendants. Therefore we prefer to discuss our concept with selected surgeons of international reputation.

Our main focus has always been the surgical demonstration and usually we perform about 10 live surgeries.
In addition, we emphasize the importance of a detailed preoperative analysis as a requirement for selecting an adequate technique and achieving a good result.

50 % of our patients come for revision surgery after failed previous procedures. These challenging cases are demonstrated during each course. Therefore, this anniversary course will be interesting for all colleagues who perform rhinoplasties and want to update their knowledge in this challenging field.

25 years is a long time and I will hand over the course after this anniversary event to my successor as head of the clinic, Dr. Sebastian Haack, who has been working with me for more than 10 years.

I invite you to come to Stuttgart from 18 to 20 of April 2018.

Immediately after the event on the 29th of April my longtime partner  Dr. Helmut Fischer and Dr. Sebastian Haack my successor, will organize an outstanding course on nasal reconstruction with our special guest Fred Menick.

I am looking forward to welcoming you and I am convinced you will not regret participating in the 25th Stuttgart Advanced Rhinoplasty Course.

Best regards
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. W. Gubisch