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After working for 40 years at the Marienhospital, including 27 years as a medical director, in which I established the Clinic for Plastic Facial Surgery, I have been a Senior Director at the clinic since April 2015. I am very glad that my longtime colleague, Dr. Sebastian Haack, has taken over the management of the clinic. As an excellent surgeon with high social competence, he is the ideal candidate for me.

I now entirely devote myself to the field of nose and lid surgery, which is very much in line with my intention to specialize and gain greatest competence in this field.

About half of the patients I operate have not yet been operated, the other half are patients who usually have had numerous, unsuccessful operations before.

Stuttgart Course for Functional and Aesthetic Rhinoplasty 2021

Please note: The date for 2020 was cancelled, new date: 20. - 24. April 2021.
The 8th SOS Symposium was postponed to 7. - 8. September 2021.